An office chair frame manufacturer asked us to automate the welding process for their chairs.  Before we arrived, they were welding chairs by hand in terrible fixtures, with lots of messy welds and difficulty re-teaching workers in a high-turnover environment

We designed and delivered a turnkey solution to them – the ABB Flexarc Cell, with specially-designed part fixtures made for their products.  We utilized the customers’ CAD drawings, finally adjusting them to the actual manufactured parts.

The result of this automation was to lower their costs by decreasing the amount of cleanup work as compared to when they were welding by hand (less splatter to be cleaned off, less grinding), and by increasing throughput.  And, as expected, we improved the quality and consistency of their welds.

When all was finished, they were welding chairs faster, and of better quality.  All the operator had to do was load the cell with new parts, and removed finished parts.  This also greatly reduced training costs for the overall operation.

Loading & Unloading FlexArc Cell
FlexArc Chair Welding Cell