ABB Robotics is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in the world. As an authorized Channel Partner, Eagle Vision and Automation will evaluate your existing manufacturing processes and recommend a robotic cell that is self-contained, yet communicates with the necessary points of the manufacturing plant. Eagle Vision and Automation can even couple robotic and vision technologies to provide solutions that are only limited by the imagination.

There are many different applications for robotics in industry today; from fabrication and welding to case packing and palletizing. There are even needs for multiple manipulators working in tandem with positioners and servos. We walk you through the process of selecting the ideal ABB robot for your application and begin designing your custom made solution. We can work with you to integrate into existing plant networks and structure, or we can provide a modular system that’s as simple as plug and play.

In either case, we program the paths and routines necessary for your robotic system to perform its desired task fast and efficiently, as well as design end of arm tooling or workholding solutions for robot-product interaction. Once the robotic system is installed, we provide the necessary training on how to operate, maintain, or reprogram the manipulator. This doesn’t only apply to new installations, this can extend to existing ABB installations as well; where we can work to update, upgrade, repair, or redesign your system to meet increasing automation demands.